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Keep Pushing for Women in the Workplace

Vancouver Public Relations maven, Patti Schom-Moffatt, is well known in Western Canada for innovative leadership and strategic thinking. However success in the communications world didn’t happen overnight. She grew up in a time when the feminist movement was gaining ground at a rapid pace. She was there when women started burning their bras while making…

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UNACTO Presents: A Celebration of International Mother Earth Day

In support of the United Nations Association of Canada Toronto Branch (UNACTO), you are invited to celebrate International Mother Earth Day. Come out and learn about the importance of sustainability in today’s business world from a series of talks by our five guest speakers. UNACTO’s distinguished roster of speakers provides a variety of experiences and…

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Learning Should Know No Boundaries

I am a pilot. I skydive and I cave, climb, hike, and camp. I have driven a solar powered car across North America, I build robots for space exploration, and one day I will eventually travel to space. The common thread between these activities is a sense of adventure, the opportunities to absolutely push my…

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Why Candidate Care Matters

Companies often complain that they can’t find the right talent for their open jobs, even when they receive hundreds of applicants for every position. But in most cases, only a tiny number of applicants to any job ever hear from the company they have applied to. That pool of candidates is a great source of…

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Inspiring Life

One of the great things we do here at WXN is turn the spotlight on inspiring women. I created Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Awards for this very reason. I believe by celebrating and sharing the stories of strong women succeeding in business, politics, the arts, science, academia–everywhere–more women will be inspired to reach…

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